How to Setup a Github Actions Pipeline for Publishing Your Powershell Module

In this post, I will walk through how I set up a Github Actions Workflow Pipeline for publishing a Powershell module to the PowerShell Gallery.  What is a Github Actions Pipeline Github Actions is an automation tool available in Github. It is a tool for automating software workflow, such as building, testing, or publishing your software. The good thing about Github Actions is that it is you will get the following with a free Github membership:

How to Get Started Publishing to the Powershell Gallery

So you have become quite experienced in writing Powershell scripts and modules. You are ready to share your code with the rest of the world, or perhaps you have created a script that you want to be able to download from the internet, on any computer running Powershell. Well, then you might want to look into publishing your code on The PowerShell Gallery. The PowerShell Gallery is Powershell Repository hosted on the internet, with Powershell content available for everybody to download and use.

How to Add Source Control to Your Powershell Module

In my last post, I went through my process of how I start a new Powershell module. I ended the post with having created the module folder structure and developed the first cmdlet to connect to the Meraki Dashboard APIv1. If you haven’t checked out the post you should definitely give it a read How to get started developing a powershell module In this post i will go through the process of adding the powershell module to source control on GitHub.

How to Get Started Developing a Powershell Module

For some time now i have been wanting to write a powershell module for administrating Cisco Meraki Networks through their dashboard APIv1, and i thought it would be a great use case for writing on my process, learning and ideas about writing powershell modules. I am going to use some tools i have created my self(available on Powershell Gallery) and then i will use some awesome modules also found on the Powershell gallery.

How to Administrate Windows With Powershell From a Macbook

Now I have been administrating Windows Environments for some years now, and I have been training myself to use Powershell where ever it is possible. I have this dream of being able to come into work, open my terminal, and then do more or less everything from the terminal, and to the most extent, I have been able to do this. But for a couple of months ago i switched from a Lenovo T14 Windows PC to a Macbook Pro (Intel) 2020.