How I Setup My Powershell Development Environment

In this post i will walk through the process of how i setup my PowerShell development environement on a Windows PC. This guide has been made on a Windows 11 PC, so if you are running Windows 10, you might experience that some of the application or tools, need to be installed a different way. In this tutorial i will show how to setup the two package managers Scoop and Chocolatey, I will show you to use the package managers to install tools like: vscode, git and neovim.

Using Azure Functions and Azure Api Management to Host Yout Api Serverless

In this article, I will walk through how you can build and deploy a serverless API in Azure using: Azure Functions and Azure API Management. I will walk through how you can set up an azure function that can be triggered with an HTTP call to either enter data into Azure Tables NoSQL Database or to retrieve data from the DB. Then Once the two API endpoint has been built I will set up Azure API Management to create a single entry point with an API Key to utilize the API.

Using a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster to Help Fight Covid19 With Rosettaathome

I recently learned about a cool project called [email protected], which utilizes people’s personal computers to design new proteins and to predict their 3-dimensional shapes. This process can help scientists in learning about diseases such as COVID-19. I thought this cause of using the CPU power I have available in my Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster to help scientists learn about COVID was pretty cool. So I decided to figure out how I could create an application that could be replicated on the cluster, to easily scale the CPU load up and down.

Setting Up a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster

In the last couple of months, I have been focused a lot on learning new DevOps technologies such as Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, and Jenkins Pipelines. And as I was learning about Kubernetes I decided to build my own Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster for a homelab. In this post, I will walk through how I build my Kubernetes Cluster, with high available master nodes running k3s lightweight Kubernetes. Just a few things to be aware of, if you decide to follow this guide to build your own Raspberry Pi Cluster.

How to Handle Api Pagination With Powershell

In this blog post, I will go through how I handle API pagination with Powershell when working with different APIs. I will use the rickandmorty API to showcase what pagination is and how you can work with it, in Powershell.  Why do some APIs even have pagination? Pagination is just like when you are shopping on the web. Let’s say you are looking for a new laptop. When you search for the product on the webshop, the results will usually be split out into multiple pages, only showing maybe 20-50 products per page.

How to Setup a Private Powershell Repository

In this blog post, I will walk through the process of setting up a private Powershell repository using Azure DevOps Nuget Feed. After this tutorial, you will be able to upload and download your Powershell modules and scripts from the repository over the internet securely. Everybody who is just a bit familiar with Powershell knows the PowerShell Gallery. This is the main repository hosted by Microsoft, from which you can download thousands of different packages such as Powershell modules and scripts.